The 3 Best Phone Apps for Practising Mindfulness

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Mindfulness has surged in recent years as a key to coping with anxiety, an inability to sleep and a lack of focus but, in the beginning, many people found it hard to access. Now, there are a host of apps you can uКартинки по запросу Headspacese to help you achieve a peaceful state of mind. Here is a list of the best around:


Perhaps the most well-known of the offerings, Headspace is an app you can download on your phone and begin using immediately. The app is free to download, and has a 10 day trial with a guided meditation for each day and a host of smaller exercises to complete. Should you wish to upgrade to the full version, it will cost GBP 9.99 per month, but you will have access to over 500 hours of extra content, on a host of topics ranging from pain management to lack of motivation.

Stop, Breath and Think

Stop, Breath and Think has a slightly different approach to the concept of the mindfulness app in that it adapts its exercise for the day based on your mood. When you open the app, it asks you to record your ’emotional data’, which is everything that you are thinking and feeling. Based on this information, it finds an appropriate exercise. The free version includes around 30 meditative activities, while the full version (also GBP 9.99 per month) grants access to over 70 activities, including some yogic exercises as well as a few handy tips on acupressure, which could help alleviate some serious tension, especially in beginners.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind was started by a not-for-profit organisation from Australia, and is the only application on the list that is completely free. There are activities tailored for specific age groups, which begin from as young as 10 years old, making it an app for all the family.

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