2 Meditation Practises You Can Do Anywhere

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Many people are under the misconception that an over-active mind is abnormal or detrimental. The fact is, our minds are supposed to run rampant. The key is not to eradicate our intense thoughts, but to be able to recognise them for what they are, become friends with them, and tame them just ever so slightly so that they do not get the best of us. Here are the 2 best meditation practices for doing just that:

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra isКартинки по запросу Yoga Nidra a form of meditation that resembles a sleep of sorts. The intention is to transport you to a dimension somewhere in between asleep and awake. Yoga Nidra takes you through a journey. It is heavily based on the imagination and the senses, encouraging an awareness of your body and the tensions it holds, as well a creative and surprising mental voyage. If attending a Yoga Nidra class, it is important to take a towel or yoga mat, as well as something to cover yourself with in the colder months, as it is usually practised lying down, though you can of course adapt it for home practising, and can even construct shorter Yoga Nidra practises to do on the go.

Nadi Shodana

Nadi Shodana is the practice of breathing through alternate nostrils, and is another fantastic way to calm your mind. Traditionally part of the practise of Pranayama, it is often adapted for meditation classes as it is an incredibly effective way to relax. You can practise Nadi Shodana at any time of day, though it produces particularly potent results first thing in the morning, and is a great way to start your day. First, you place your right index and middle finger at the base of your thumb, near the palm of your hand. Then you use your right thumb to hold the right nostril down and breath deeply, before alternating and holding your left nostril down with your right ring and little finger.

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