What is Chigong?

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Chigong is a holistic method of exercise traditionally used in Chinese medicine. People practice Chigong with the aim of improving their balance, strength and energy flow. It is a combination of dynamic moveПохожее изображениеments, inspired by the martial arts, and meditation, and is based on the concept of Yin and Yang.

You should explore the practice of Chigong if you are trying to:

Combat an Illness

Chigong is said to be incredibly good for the immune system, and has even been used to treat cancer. As well as its preventative qualities, it seems that Chigong is also a major help after prevention ceases to be possible, as it moves energy through a total of 20 channels in the body, restoring harmonic balance to the organ systems.

Reach Enlightenment

Buddhist monks often use Chigong as a tool to reach enlightenment. They believe that the practice of Chigong has a positive influence on their ‘shen’, which means their spiritual energy. The practitioner must be able to control their energy flow, sending it to their forehead in order to attain a higher consciousness. Of course, this takes many years of devoted training, but is certainly believed to be a possibility for those willing to put in the work.

General Health Maintenance

The goal of Chigong is to encourage both mental and physical serenity which, in turn, allows both the mind and the body to function with maximum efficiency. One of the first things that is pressed upon you when you undertake the practice is the importance of ‘letting go’. The belief is that it is the build up of old and unnecessary tensions that lead to physical imbalances. The most experienced practitioners have been said to extend their life span to over 150 years old using the technique of controlled energy flow, focusing their flow towards their bone marrow and renewing it for increased longevity.

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