The Best Online Videos for Practicing Chigong

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Chigong lessons are not nearly as accessible as Yoga, Pilates or even Tai Chi. The practice is not as well known, and there is less diversity of style within this particular practice than other meditative, energy flow practices. Practitioners are often left no choice but to buy coaching DVDs or search for videos on Youtube to help them perfect their flow. While these are not ideal choices for some, who prefer face to face contact with a teacher as part of a larger group, it is conversely even better for those who do not have the time or the means to attend regular classes. Here are some suggestioКартинки по запросу Chi Gongns for those still searching for an online support:

Lam Kam Chuen’s ‘Standing Qigong’

Lam Kam Chuen’s video is perfect for those looking for a bit more background information about Chigong or, as it is spelt here, Qigong. There is an initial introduction video, but after this, there is an entire channel to explore, and the videos are all incredibly informative and helpful. Chuen balances verbal instruction and physical practice perfectly, giving beginners a fantastic introduction and experienced practitioners a reminder of the basics of the practice, as well the core reasons for practising.

Robert Tangora’s ‘Internal Flows’

It is said that there are two main energy flows running through the body: the’ Centre to Periphery Flow’ and the ‘Heaven to Earth Flow’. In these videos, Robert Tangora tries to teach us how to harness these flows, in order to create a pulsing, pulling sensation throughout the body. You might not be able to feel these sensations straight away, though once you have developed your sensitivity to your internal body, these effects will become more evident.

Paul Cavel’s ‘Circling Hands’

London practitioner Paul Cave introduces us to this repetition of simple movements which really open and close the body, create pulses from the centre outwards.

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